Build confidence and your creative expression through meditation

The close correlation between creative expression and meditation allows the meditator to capitalize on the flow of creative energy and builds confidence in one’s creative abilities. Benefits of daily meditation practice extend to include promoting a more positive outlook and a welcome to plenteous possibilities.


Every human being is blessed with innate creative energy.  A previous blog post Tap into your creative talents joins this conversation on the potent force of creative energy that most often lay untapped and unexplored. Creative energy is our birth right. However, often times we find that the constraints of everyday living, especially in modern times, is the major contributor to us ignoring our creative expressions. This is despite the avalanche of inspiration that befall us daily.


Creative expression is a mental skill. And like all other skills it can be improved upon on with regular and committed practice. A novel practice that strengthens one’s creative abilities is daily meditation sessions.  Meditation promotes focus and concentration in mental activities.


In order to explore our creative expressions we are required to access our inner selves where authenticity resides. Meditation allows us to quieten the mind so that we are able to listen to the inner whispers or intuition more clearly. In Cultivate the creative energy force the rewards of living your authenticity through creative energy is looked at.


The benefits and impact of meditation on creativity is gained through commitment and consistent daily practice. The commonly found rewards that build and boost creative expression are:


  • Meditation promotes positive thinking and one opens up to the endless possibilities that exist. The paralyzing thoughts generated by fear and negativity are obliterated through meditation. Personally I’ve found that mindfulness meditation is particularly beneficial here.
  • Confidence and courage is boosted through meditative practice. Linked to a positive frame of mind, self-limiting doubts are replaced with a ‘can do’ attitude.
  • Inner guidance is made clearer when through meditation the busy distracting thoughts recede into the background and the silence magnifies the voice from deep within.
  • Through quieting the mind and making use of visualization techniques, direction or the way forward is often provided or acknowledged. Seeing the goal achieved may provide valuable insights. Solutions to problems are often found after a period of silence and reflection.
  • As important as stimulation and inspiration is for augmenting creativity, so is calmness of mind.  Clarity of situation or thought is amplified and new novel ideas are generated.


Meditative practice encourages one to live in the present moment; and in the safe protection of the immediate present moment. It is through this safety net that the self allows possibilities to be explored without any judgement imposed, enabling and enhancing creative expression.



Is Procrastination Holding Your Creativity Prisoner?

Procrastination adversely affects creativity. We can, however, protect our creative energies from the powerful clutches of procrastination by looking into why we purposefully permit ourselves to procrastinate.

Expressing my creative self is at the very heart of my spiritual journey. In previous blog posts, I examined the creative force that runs through our innermost beings. In this blog post I look at the dark heart of procrastination and the impact it has on creativity.

Why procrastination is dangerous

Any task that we deliberately delay completing, especially if there is a deadline attached to it, extends itself into a stressful situation. And stress is creative suicide. Therein lay the danger of procrastinating.

I recently learnt that procrastination is resistance born out of fear; and that postponing your tasks is deliberately done. The reasons why we procrastinate may only be aware to our subconscious, but finding ways to postpone what we need to do is intentional.

Practising procrastination

I find myself dawdling deliberately at certain times. My preferred ways of putting off being creative is to hover over my Facebook page instead of the Word document I’ve just opened to write my latest article, text message using my Blackberry, rummaging in the kitchen for something to eat or my personal favourite, burying myself in a page-turner paperback. The last one is really effective as the plot lines are so gripping it is difficult to put down. I have to consciously make the decision not to pick up the book.

  • When I feel overwhelmed (lack of time-management or disorganisation)
  • I hanker after perfectionism
  • Give in to self-limiting beliefs
  • Fear of failure

Steps to stifle the strength of procrastinating

  Acknowledge your efforts to procrastinate

Once you have identified your practice of procrastination, it makes finding countering measures that much easier. You will also be more willing to make the effort to stop procrastinating.

 Identify the ways in which you procrastinate

There are a number of ways in which we delay performing tasks and duties. By making a list of the different ways in which you procrastinate, not only makes you aware of the enormousness of the situation, but you can eliminate this paralyzing problem in its entirety.

   Investigate the underlying causes

Procrastination is a debilitating habit. In order to unlearn this practice that destroys confidence, it is crucial to get to the bottom of the roots of your behaviour.

  Implement strategies

Depending on the different ways in which you find yourself procrastinating, there are strategies to implement that will help you to overcome this problem.

Strategies that have helped me include:

  •  I write one sentence at a time. Once I have written down  the initial sentence, I seem to gather momentum,
  •  Breaking down tasks into bite-sized chunks makes the task seem much more achievable.

The beauty of being human lies in our ability to learn from our mistakes. After all to err is human. So the good news is that the paralyzing condition of procrastinating can be effectively overpowered once you are conscious that you’re doing it and have asked yourself why.

Investing in My Dream

When I entered this course (learning to write for the web) I had no idea of the huge impact it would have on me and my life. I have not only acquired marketable skills, the experience has granted me the freedom and faith to start a new exciting chapter in my life.

The bonus gift of faith and courage
An earlier blog post entry, Cultivate the Creative Energy Force, is devoted to the creative energy alive in each one of us, and that using this life force brings us to our destiny. My deepest secret desire was to live by my writing. But I did not have the self-belief, faith or courage needed to explore what my innermost self yearned for years.
The major lesson or gift from being on this course was the immense faith and belief in myself that I gained. I was challenged. I had to unlearn practised patterns of thinking and then to train my mind to think in new directions. I feel more skilled now than I did in all my years of teaching English. My self-confidence in making a success of the immense opportunities grew ten-fold.

The technical world of online writing
Writing for the web is a highly specialised field. I had to unlearn assumptions of how the World Wide Web works. For instance:

• Online readers read web content differently than they do print copy.
• Online readers do not have the luxury of time so the written content of the web pages needs to be structured differently on the web.
• The expert use of keywords makes search engine optimization possible.
• Online networking and social media platforms are cost effective marketing tools.
• The content and different levels of information included in a successful website.

I faced my fears when I entered this course while at the same time honouring the creative talents that lay dormant within.

Tap into your Creative Talents

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. Pablo Picasso

The innate human ability of creative brilliance is often denied expression due to our limiting self-belief systems. This results in us feeling frustrated and despondent. Creative expression, however, can be reclaimed through a variety of techniques giving us a new lease to live optimized lives.

We all have at one point or another been in awe of some amazing creation of creativity. For me, it was watching the first movie of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I found myself thinking that I would never have imagined the vivid Middle Earth world that Peter Jackson created on screen from Tolkien’s words. Or when reading the Harry Potter books wondering where on earth did JK Rowling get the inspiration to write the series that would take the world by storm?

I remember having first seen Hogwarts castle on screen and thinking I would never have imagined it looking like that. I was in awe of that visionary. What I didn’t know then was that same genius spirit was within me, lying dormant deep within my being.

It is quite common to silence our creative voice and we do so by finding ways to hinder the natural inclination of our creative drive.

Favourite obstacles to creative expression

  • Lack of self-belief

I felt that I was creative, knew how ‘alive’ I felt when writing stories, but I did not for many years have the courage or faith in my creative voice to express it.

  • Fear of failure

Debilitating feelings such as ‘I am not good enough’ keep us away from our own genius within. I crushed my creative spirit by telling myself I could never be successful doing that which gave me such immense joy. I was just being self-indulgent and a day dreamer.

  • Perfectionism

Often the pursuit of perfectionism prevents us from taking the first step. My pen would hover over the page in agony, too scared to write a sentence as it had to be perfect.

  • What others think

I let the criticism of the outside world take over instead of listening to my own heart.

These are not insurmountable difficulties. Below are some of the techniques I use to tap into the creative flow.

Techniques to turn obstacles around

  • Meditation

I find that just a few minutes of deep breathing to focus and center my mind gets me motivated and inspired. I take this time to remind myself of positive thoughts and possibilities.

  • Get physical

When the ideas don’t flow, I find a quick walk outside helps in changing perspectives. And if the weather does not permit, robust dancing is good to get the happy hormones and creative juices flowing.

  • Accept Resistance

One of my first lessons was to accept my resistance. In acknowledging it, I became aware of the dangers it presented. I could then take proactive steps to counter it.

  • Journal

By keeping a diary, not only do I get to engage in the act of writing itself, but it is a healthy platform to express any negative feelings. In this way I work through any issues I am plagued with.

Taking the first step to honouring the creative life force that is you has many challenges, but the rewards reaps benefits ten-fold. Find your creative voice and let it be heard.

Cultivate the Creative Energy Force

Along with your DNA, you are blessed with creative gifts. These creative talents, which if left untapped, result in a futile search for fulfilment, meaning and purpose in life. Allowing the creative energy to flow uninhibitedly honours the life that is you and aligns you to consciousness and personal empowerment.

I was first made aware of this spiritual/creative connection upon reading THE ARTIST’S WAY by Julia Cameron, a guide to unblocking the creative self. The inner creative urge had been building momentum for quite some time, but as I had not tapped into this force in years, massive self-doubt created a blockage which was in desperate need of release.

It was my love of the English language that found me at the front of the classroom, but it was writing that was my first love. I found myself no longer enjoying a profession that once provided me with purpose and fulfilment. Life became stagnant the longer I repressed the creative energy that is my soul’s essence. I felt disempowered.

Creativity’s Connection to Consciousness

“By listening to the creator within, we are led to our right path” says Julia Cameron.

I learnt that the creative energy I inherited along with my genes is my soul’s essence. My sense of feeling ‘alive’ is heightened essentially when in the creative flow. Joy and happiness is intensified. I find that I am energy itself. I am then connected to consciousness. My spiritual journey had just been made all the more interesting.

Our innate creative abilities provide the blue print of our life experiences and all its joys and successes. When we tap into and cultivate this creative life force, we live to our life purpose, or in spiritual terms – we live authentically.

Benefits of Developing our Inherent Ingenuity

What are the payoffs then for making the commitment to unleash your inner creative energy? These are just some of the benefits of exercising creativity:

• Elevated energy levels
• Heightened experience of love in all its forms
• A more fulfilled life experience
• Increased sense of joy and wellness

Creative expression is linked to self-growth as it allows us to transcend fear and self-limiting belief systems. Accessing my spiritual connection through creative expression would become my favourite path to transcendence, personal empowerment and finding my life’s purpose.

Authenticity – Awaken To Your Potential

An authentic life allows you to live to your highest potential. This is your birth right. This journey of self-discovery requires tenacious courage to bring about self-empowerment and a greater sense of self-fulfillment. We begin by aligning our thoughts, feelings and actions to that of our Higher Self and thereby bring enthusiasm, meaning and purpose to our lives.

Life is conditioned by change and growth. We know it is time for change when the following questions begin to seep into our thoughts, initiating alignment to our Higher Self:

• Am I satisfied with the state of my current life or is something missing?
• Does what I do give me joy?
• Am I using my skills and talents to fulfill a higher purpose?
• Is there a yearning for greater fulfillment?
It is human nature to resist change; and therefore normally what is required is a crisis of some sort. In my case it was spending seven harrowing days in hospital, I agonized over how it had all come to this. My immediate decision was to reclaim my life – my authentic self and my physical body. The process of authenticating my life began much earlier with the above questions niggling inside me for quite some time; questions I continuously ignored as finding the answers were too scary to contemplate. It took the dramatic wake-up call from my physical body to get my attention to re-evaluate how I had been living my life.
We are more powerful than we realise. Immense power is inherent in all of us. But we balk at the very idea that we are worthy of so much more. This fear prevents us from transcending the ordinary and reclaiming our birth right. What does living authentically mean? Living in a state of joy and peacefulness, the belief that you are worthy of all that is good, a sense of feeling ‘alive’ and energized brought on by expressing creativity.

Authenticity is self-empowerment. It means following your heart. The decision to change a life time’s worth of limiting beliefs is admittedly overwhelming. What is needed is the courageous belief and determination to live a life worth living.

Harness the healing power of Meditation

There is a simple and effective strategy to combat the damaging effects of modern living, and that is simply to practice the art of meditation. Meditation is simply a state of awareness, a quietness that facilitates peace, joy and acceptance. To live in consciousness, one must first practice the art of meditation. The immense benefits of this healing practice affect both the mind and physical body.

While it may be fashionable in this day and age to practice meditation, this powerful inner state of awareness can be traced back thousands of years to the time of prehistoric man. Archaeological assertions state that a meditative or altered state of consciousness was achieved through early man’s rapt attention on the flames of fire which brought about a trance-like state.

Meditation is a skill that requires nothing more than oneself and a quiet space. No sign-up fee or equipment is required. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? And yet, often one encounters obstacles that hinder the process of healing the body and mind. Most often these include:

  • The inability to quieten the mind from distracting thoughts,
  • The difficulty in making the time and commitment

Like all treasure troves, discovered through gargantuan efforts, the priceless value of meditation lies in its vast  powers of transformation in the physical and mental/emotional body. Regular routine practice of meditation is known to:

  • Bring about peace of mind,
  • Reduce stress, depression and anxiety,
  • Lower heart rate and blood pressure,
  • Improve creativity,
  • Unlock human potential,
  • Improved self-concept,
  • Increase in energy levels.

The list of the potent power of healing that is inherent in our beings, brought about through meditation, is by no means conclusive. On-going research continues to be conducted and experts will further the cause of meditation as the means to achieving that universal and eternal quest for inner peace, good health and happiness. Harness the power of inherent healing; invest the time and energy in your body’s power to bring about physical and mental well-being through connecting to consciousness.