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Tap into your Creative Talents

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. Pablo Picasso

The innate human ability of creative brilliance is often denied expression due to our limiting self-belief systems. This results in us feeling frustrated and despondent. Creative expression, however, can be reclaimed through a variety of techniques giving us a new lease to live optimized lives.

We all have at one point or another been in awe of some amazing creation of creativity. For me, it was watching the first movie of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I found myself thinking that I would never have imagined the vivid Middle Earth world that Peter Jackson created on screen from Tolkien’s words. Or when reading the Harry Potter books wondering where on earth did JK Rowling get the inspiration to write the series that would take the world by storm?

I remember having first seen Hogwarts castle on screen and thinking I would never have imagined it looking like that. I was in awe of that visionary. What I didn’t know then was that same genius spirit was within me, lying dormant deep within my being.

It is quite common to silence our creative voice and we do so by finding ways to hinder the natural inclination of our creative drive.

Favourite obstacles to creative expression

  • Lack of self-belief

I felt that I was creative, knew how ‘alive’ I felt when writing stories, but I did not for many years have the courage or faith in my creative voice to express it.

  • Fear of failure

Debilitating feelings such as ‘I am not good enough’ keep us away from our own genius within. I crushed my creative spirit by telling myself I could never be successful doing that which gave me such immense joy. I was just being self-indulgent and a day dreamer.

  • Perfectionism

Often the pursuit of perfectionism prevents us from taking the first step. My pen would hover over the page in agony, too scared to write a sentence as it had to be perfect.

  • What others think

I let the criticism of the outside world take over instead of listening to my own heart.

These are not insurmountable difficulties. Below are some of the techniques I use to tap into the creative flow.

Techniques to turn obstacles around

  • Meditation

I find that just a few minutes of deep breathing to focus and center my mind gets me motivated and inspired. I take this time to remind myself of positive thoughts and possibilities.

  • Get physical

When the ideas don’t flow, I find a quick walk outside helps in changing perspectives. And if the weather does not permit, robust dancing is good to get the happy hormones and creative juices flowing.

  • Accept Resistance

One of my first lessons was to accept my resistance. In acknowledging it, I became aware of the dangers it presented. I could then take proactive steps to counter it.

  • Journal

By keeping a diary, not only do I get to engage in the act of writing itself, but it is a healthy platform to express any negative feelings. In this way I work through any issues I am plagued with.

Taking the first step to honouring the creative life force that is you has many challenges, but the rewards reaps benefits ten-fold. Find your creative voice and let it be heard.