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Cultivate the Creative Energy Force

Along with your DNA, you are blessed with creative gifts. These creative talents, which if left untapped, result in a futile search for fulfilment, meaning and purpose in life. Allowing the creative energy to flow uninhibitedly honours the life that is you and aligns you to consciousness and personal empowerment.

I was first made aware of this spiritual/creative connection upon reading THE ARTIST’S WAY by Julia Cameron, a guide to unblocking the creative self. The inner creative urge had been building momentum for quite some time, but as I had not tapped into this force in years, massive self-doubt created a blockage which was in desperate need of release.

It was my love of the English language that found me at the front of the classroom, but it was writing that was my first love. I found myself no longer enjoying a profession that once provided me with purpose and fulfilment. Life became stagnant the longer I repressed the creative energy that is my soul’s essence. I felt disempowered.

Creativity’s Connection to Consciousness

“By listening to the creator within, we are led to our right path” says Julia Cameron.

I learnt that the creative energy I inherited along with my genes is my soul’s essence. My sense of feeling ‘alive’ is heightened essentially when in the creative flow. Joy and happiness is intensified. I find that I am energy itself. I am then connected to consciousness. My spiritual journey had just been made all the more interesting.

Our innate creative abilities provide the blue print of our life experiences and all its joys and successes. When we tap into and cultivate this creative life force, we live to our life purpose, or in spiritual terms – we live authentically.

Benefits of Developing our Inherent Ingenuity

What are the payoffs then for making the commitment to unleash your inner creative energy? These are just some of the benefits of exercising creativity:

• Elevated energy levels
• Heightened experience of love in all its forms
• A more fulfilled life experience
• Increased sense of joy and wellness

Creative expression is linked to self-growth as it allows us to transcend fear and self-limiting belief systems. Accessing my spiritual connection through creative expression would become my favourite path to transcendence, personal empowerment and finding my life’s purpose.