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Investing in My Dream

When I entered this course (learning to write for the web) I had no idea of the huge impact it would have on me and my life. I have not only acquired marketable skills, the experience has granted me the freedom and faith to start a new exciting chapter in my life.

The bonus gift of faith and courage
An earlier blog post entry, Cultivate the Creative Energy Force, is devoted to the creative energy alive in each one of us, and that using this life force brings us to our destiny. My deepest secret desire was to live by my writing. But I did not have the self-belief, faith or courage needed to explore what my innermost self yearned for years.
The major lesson or gift from being on this course was the immense faith and belief in myself that I gained. I was challenged. I had to unlearn practised patterns of thinking and then to train my mind to think in new directions. I feel more skilled now than I did in all my years of teaching English. My self-confidence in making a success of the immense opportunities grew ten-fold.

The technical world of online writing
Writing for the web is a highly specialised field. I had to unlearn assumptions of how the World Wide Web works. For instance:

• Online readers read web content differently than they do print copy.
• Online readers do not have the luxury of time so the written content of the web pages needs to be structured differently on the web.
• The expert use of keywords makes search engine optimization possible.
• Online networking and social media platforms are cost effective marketing tools.
• The content and different levels of information included in a successful website.

I faced my fears when I entered this course while at the same time honouring the creative talents that lay dormant within.