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Authenticity – Awaken To Your Potential

An authentic life allows you to live to your highest potential. This is your birth right. This journey of self-discovery requires tenacious courage to bring about self-empowerment and a greater sense of self-fulfillment. We begin by aligning our thoughts, feelings and actions to that of our Higher Self and thereby bring enthusiasm, meaning and purpose to our lives.

Life is conditioned by change and growth. We know it is time for change when the following questions begin to seep into our thoughts, initiating alignment to our Higher Self:

• Am I satisfied with the state of my current life or is something missing?
• Does what I do give me joy?
• Am I using my skills and talents to fulfill a higher purpose?
• Is there a yearning for greater fulfillment?
It is human nature to resist change; and therefore normally what is required is a crisis of some sort. In my case it was spending seven harrowing days in hospital, I agonized over how it had all come to this. My immediate decision was to reclaim my life – my authentic self and my physical body. The process of authenticating my life began much earlier with the above questions niggling inside me for quite some time; questions I continuously ignored as finding the answers were too scary to contemplate. It took the dramatic wake-up call from my physical body to get my attention to re-evaluate how I had been living my life.
We are more powerful than we realise. Immense power is inherent in all of us. But we balk at the very idea that we are worthy of so much more. This fear prevents us from transcending the ordinary and reclaiming our birth right. What does living authentically mean? Living in a state of joy and peacefulness, the belief that you are worthy of all that is good, a sense of feeling ‘alive’ and energized brought on by expressing creativity.

Authenticity is self-empowerment. It means following your heart. The decision to change a life time’s worth of limiting beliefs is admittedly overwhelming. What is needed is the courageous belief and determination to live a life worth living.