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Build confidence and your creative expression through meditation

The close correlation between creative expression and meditation allows the meditator to capitalize on the flow of creative energy and builds confidence in one’s creative abilities. Benefits of daily meditation practice extend to include promoting a more positive outlook and a welcome to plenteous possibilities.


Every human being is blessed with innate creative energy.  A previous blog post Tap into your creative talents joins this conversation on the potent force of creative energy that most often lay untapped and unexplored. Creative energy is our birth right. However, often times we find that the constraints of everyday living, especially in modern times, is the major contributor to us ignoring our creative expressions. This is despite the avalanche of inspiration that befall us daily.


Creative expression is a mental skill. And like all other skills it can be improved upon on with regular and committed practice. A novel practice that strengthens one’s creative abilities is daily meditation sessions.  Meditation promotes focus and concentration in mental activities.


In order to explore our creative expressions we are required to access our inner selves where authenticity resides. Meditation allows us to quieten the mind so that we are able to listen to the inner whispers or intuition more clearly. In Cultivate the creative energy force the rewards of living your authenticity through creative energy is looked at.


The benefits and impact of meditation on creativity is gained through commitment and consistent daily practice. The commonly found rewards that build and boost creative expression are:


  • Meditation promotes positive thinking and one opens up to the endless possibilities that exist. The paralyzing thoughts generated by fear and negativity are obliterated through meditation. Personally I’ve found that mindfulness meditation is particularly beneficial here.
  • Confidence and courage is boosted through meditative practice. Linked to a positive frame of mind, self-limiting doubts are replaced with a ‘can do’ attitude.
  • Inner guidance is made clearer when through meditation the busy distracting thoughts recede into the background and the silence magnifies the voice from deep within.
  • Through quieting the mind and making use of visualization techniques, direction or the way forward is often provided or acknowledged. Seeing the goal achieved may provide valuable insights. Solutions to problems are often found after a period of silence and reflection.
  • As important as stimulation and inspiration is for augmenting creativity, so is calmness of mind.  Clarity of situation or thought is amplified and new novel ideas are generated.


Meditative practice encourages one to live in the present moment; and in the safe protection of the immediate present moment. It is through this safety net that the self allows possibilities to be explored without any judgement imposed, enabling and enhancing creative expression.